The Best Dog Life Jackets of 2020

Written by Sergey Kalachev

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Why does a dog needs a life jacket? In the end, dogs can swim. Right?

Well, not all dogs, and not always in all waters as we humans think. Dogs, like us, can become exhausted, especially if they try to swim against a strong current. They can also panic if they suddenly find themselves in the open water.

And then, there are only some breeds that do not like water and literally will not swim to save their lives.

A life jacket for your dog companion can be a lifesaving purchase. You can enjoy river sports, boating and fishing expeditions, all with your furry friend by your side, without worrying about what happens if they fall into the water.

Our Top 10 Dog Life Jackets

Our choice

Our choice

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket 2 

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Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life JacketIt is made from quality materials and durable. It is also a rather low profile, so it is not very bulky for a dog. The packaging has these weight measurements so it may be help you make your decision:

Customer reviews

My dog CAN’T break into this!! NO BATTERIES NEEDED” “Would definitely buy this unit again”


Customer reviews

“Great deal for the money. This dog dispenser has worked nicely.” “My Boxer Babies Love It!”


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